The Harmony Lamp


Rechargeable (works on built-in battery)
Extremely tested: Works between: -20°C and 60°C
10 to 200 Lumen
Dim function 5-100% (0.2-3.5W)
The 5000 mAH Li battery guarantees 8 to 200 hours of light
Weight: 750 grams
Height: 28 cm

Comes in luxury gift packaging:
Total weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 37 × 21 × 13 cm

The rechargeable and dimmable Bamboo lamp is a practical and attractive addition to your camping equipment, but also for home use. This beautiful eye-catcher is charged via a USB plug or via the socket with.b the 220V plug of the charger from, for example, your mobile phone.