Sheepie Chuck Box


Sheepie’s cooking box.
1 gas burner
2 jars (for example, salt and pepper)
1 saucepan
4 stainless steel bowls
2 stainless steel plates
1 kettle
1 wind panel
1 scoop
1 weck pot
1 cutting board
Dimensions closed: 54.5cm x 32.5cm x 38cm, w x h x d
Dimensions open : 94cm x 54.5cm x 63cm, w x h x d
Weight: 19.5kg
1 year warranty

What a luxury! With this robust Cooker you have a complete cooker with accessories with you. Fold out the gas spring legs and both sides up, slide out the tray and you have a complete cooker with table.

So whether you are on the campsite or camping in the wild. You can pull everything out of the 'box' to your heart's content to put a complete meal on the table.