Winnerwell M-sized watertank


• Dimensions: 280(L) x 110(W) x 180(H) mm
• Weight: 1.6 kg
• Capacity: 3 Litres


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Suitable for the Nomad &Woodlander Medium series is made of 304 stainless steel and supplies hot or hot water whenever you want. Designed to fit the rear part of the hob around the flue pipe where the heat is highest. The tank has a capacity of 3 Liters that can be brought to the boil within minutes when the stove is burning. Through the integrated tap you can easily fill a mug or wasteiltje and the spacious opening at the top makes refilling easy.
In combination with the Nomad Small sized wood stove, the water tank can be used in two different positions: on the hob to boil water or on the side of the stove to keep the water warm.
Whether it’s making a cup of tea simple or melting snow to make drinking water, a tank of hot water takes camping pleasure to the next level.