Awning & Porch


Our Nordic Tipis are designed to be as flexible and stormproof as possible. That would not be possible if the awning or porch were a fixed part of the tent. From 2012, all Safir and Zirkon models 5 to 9 have been fitted with a patented mounting slot (an integrated accessory holder, placed above the entrance. A separate Accessory Connector is available for the Onyx and the size 15 models. The accessory is attached to the slot and therefore becomes an integrated part of the Nordic Teepee and protects the entrance from raining. At the same time, the accessory is easy to remove when it gets too windy. The awnings are designed in such a way that they can also be used separately and in different ways.


Multi functional awnings and for the Nordic Tepee. The awning can also be used as a separate tarp or shelter.

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Increase the comfort of your Nordic Tepee with a ‘Porch’.

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