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Where sheepie’s story® began? In Western Australia! In 1999, deep in the Australian Outback, where sheepie’s founders® camped out in harsh conditions. But the tents used absolutely did not meet their requirements and wishes! The rugged environment – hot during the day and cold at night – inspired them to develop an alternative way of camping. The result? Sheepie® roof tents! Now a leading example and standard at world level of roof tents.
You achieve this not by sitting still patiently, but by continuously developing and improving products. For example, with new models, among other things for recreational applications. After all, we don’t all want to go into nature with a 4×4. The Sheepie® roof tent is now the standard for both the seasoned 4×4 enthusiast and for families with children with a passenger car. In addition to the different models of roof tents, we also have an extensive line of accessories that make (camping) life even more attractive.

Sheepie® – Become part of our passion and explore like never before.


Sheepie® Rooftop Tents: Explore Like Never Before!

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Sheepie Rooftop Gallery

Our Sheepie Rooftop Tents


Jimba Jimba Models

A great tent for a great price!


Yuna Models

A versatile, foldable roof tent with an extra large mattress. Fits any car!


Bookara Models

The thinnest hardcover roof tent ever!

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Sheepie accessoires

Accessories for your Sheepie roof tent.